CTF Writeups by sudoBash418

Here is my collection of CTF writeups for challenges I’ve solved, mostly while on the club.eh team.

Followme - MagpieCTF 2022

Preface The organizers of MagpieCTF 2022 were kind enough to publicly release their challenges along with their official writeups on GitHub, and you can view the files for this challenge here. The Challenge You have gained access to a company employee’s home directory. He was the target of a specialized spear-fishing campaign where we successfully stole his credentials. More specifically, this user was targeted because our recon intel indicated that they have permissions to run a program which contains information on top secret patents....

2022-02-25 · 8 min · sudoBash418

ExPiltration - Insomni'hack 2022 Teaser

The Challenge Oh shit.. (!) Our network has been compromised and data stored on an air-gaped device stolen but we don’t know exactly what has been extracted and how? We have 24/7 video surveillance in the server room and nobody has approached the device.. Here is all I have, could you please give us a hand? forensic-data.zip This challenge was labelled “misc” and “forensics”, and had 73 solves by the end of the competition....

2022-01-29 · 8 min · sudoBash418

Herald - Insomni'hack 2022 Teaser

The Challenge Our lab administrator has just passed out from a strange virus. Please help us find the password to his messaging app so we can identify what he was working on and save his life. Herald.apk This challenge was labelled “mobile” and “reverse”, and had 58 solves by the end of the competition. The Solution TL;DR is at the end First things first, let’s make sure this is a normal APK:...

2022-01-29 · 13 min · sudoBash418